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Life and Health Coverages

Who will take care of your family and obligations when you die? Where will your funeral expense money come from? Who will make up for your contributions to a church or charity when they stop due to your death? How will your key employee be able to buy your business from your family without financial hardship?

Life insurance is the answer to these and many other financial issues. It is still one of the best bargains in insurance. We have a wide variety of companies to choose from. Don't believe that answering a questionnaire on the Internet will yield the lowest rate. The fact is, there is still no substitute for discussion between an experienced agent, you and the company underwriter.

We can help you decide on the right type of life insurance policy for your situation. Whether it is a CASH VALUE POLICY for long-term protection (and added benefits of payment and coverage flexibility, cash value accumulation, etc) or a TERM POLICY for more economical coverage for a short-term obligation.

The decision regarding LONG TERM CARE for yourself or a family member, is a difficult issue to face either financially or emotionally. Health care costs are rising dramatically each year and the proper long term care insurance coverage can protect money built up for retirement or inheritance as well as provide peace of mind for the insured and the care-giver. The coverage is not only for the elderly – according to the U.S. General Accounting Office, nearly 40% of the people receiving long term care are under age 64.

Disability Insurance

If you owned the goose that laid the golden egg, would you insure the goose or the eggs? YOU are that goose bringing home that paycheck. You insure your home, auto, collectibles, boat, but not your paycheck. Where will your money come from if you can't work due to an illness or accident? DISABILITY insurance is one of the most important coverages for you and your family. We will give you the money to keep the house going, pay the bills, put food on the table, and allow you the time to get well without the burden of going back to work too soon. Statistics show that people with disability income insurance recover from illness and accident faster, because we give them the time that they need.

Health Insurance

Illness and injury strike without warning. Who will pay the doctors, hospital, ambulance, drug store, and all of the people that care for you and your family? Even a brief hospital stay can cost thousands of dollars. We offer all types of plans and all varieties of deductibles and copay to satisfy any budget.

For a business, GROUP COVERAGE is available for as few as 2 employees for a program rivaling large employers. Whether it’s an HMO or a more traditional health plan you desire, we can offer all sorts of deductibles and features to customize your group. We can also provide low-cost group term, dental or disability coverage with minimal underwriting requirements. Call us with your census of workers, and we can design a plan for you.

For individuals, we offer INDIVIDUAL COVERAGE plans with a variety of benefits, deductibles and copays to fit most needs and budgets. Many plans include dental and maternity coverage as well. MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS are also available for seniors. If you're a Medicare recipient, you may need a supplement from some source. We have competitive products that will take this worry off of your shoulders.

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